Houston, Texas ..."Paul demonstrated what business is all about, as well as how important timing and execution of the plans were.  He is well organized and thrived under adversity. He kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realized too that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks his business. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he is, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency." Sincerely, Robert R. Valentine Director, Commercial Operational Excellence Lyondell

Niagara Falls, New York ... "Paul LaMorticella and his staff are extremely easy to work with. They take great strides to ensure that the input of the clients are listened to and worked into the overall design. Paul, however, again through his remarkable vision will take it to the next level of cutting edge design." Yours Truly, Rajat Shah Sr.Vice President of Seneca Gaming Corporation

Las Vegas, Nevada ... "Working with Paul over the past year and a half has been truly wonderful. His creative talent, exquisite taste and expertise, along with his warmth and professionalism, have made our experience most enjoyable. Through his understanding of our tastes and lifestyle, he has transformed our house into a warm and comfortable home." Sincerely, Lawrence & Camille Leavitt

Florida ... "In the succeeding 25 years I have grown to appreciate Mr LaMorticella's talent more than I could ever imagine. I have seen homes, restaurants and even hotels that he has designed come to fruition that is beyond the capacity of any designer I have met. To look at his work is to look into the future and know that his work is unmatched by any designer I know, and that includes designers I have worked with in New York and Toronto, metropolises that meet with the finest in the industry." Sincerely, Stuart A. Gellman

New York ... "Our interior design experience with Paul LaMorticella spans well over a decade. His design expertise and exquisite talent is unsurpassed, and we couldn't imagine our home without Paul's artistic influence. New guests to our home immediately ask, 'Who is your interior designer?' " Sincerely, Sam and Nancy Gara  

Buffalo, New York ... "I would like to recommend Paul LaMorticella as a candidate for your proposed project. Knowing Paul since 1993 has allowed me to appreciate him on both a personal and professional level. I have entrusted him with multiple responsibilities that he has accomplished with pristine success" Sincerely, Henry Gorino Proprietor Oliver's New York ...

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Dream Design & More Inc.


Founded: 1985

Owner: Paul LaMorticella


Areas of expertise:  Residential, Retail, Commercial, Corporate Office, Hospitality, Restaurant, Draft Design 

Company Profile


Say hello to your new look!

From Paul:

"Thank you for considering Dream Designs & More for your project. I want to really understand the needs  of my client.

I look forward to working together with you to create your vision and to add my expertise.

Let me help  make your Dream Design come true."

Dream Designs & More:  Paul LaMorticella has over thirty years of experience with ideas and designs to transform your interior space into a unique signature. We listen to your needs and then exceed expectations!  

Paul's attention to details including color, texture, lighting, fabrics, furnishings and accessories all formulate a personalized and unique interior space for you..  

 At Dream Designs & More, our goal is to create a showcase you can be proud of.  We’ll walk you through the gate of decisions, providing fresh options and then stand back while you choose your favorites. We pull it all together into a home or office design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours. Paul LaMorticella will supervise the entire project from start to finish.


    Paul Lamorticella - Solutions for  Interior Design Styles